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About St. Petri L/S

WEALTH INVEST AKL St. Petri L/S was launched in March 2018 and is managed by Jens Larsson and Michal Danielewicz. The fund is a European-focused fund which follows a long/short investment strategy with a thematic investment approach.

Both portfolio managers have extensive experience with active asset management and have followed the thematic investment approach throughout their careers.


Wealth Invest AKL St. Petri L/S - annualized return 10,01 %*
*since inception as of Marts 31 2024

Our Edge

Structural changes across regions and sectors are often recognized late by index investors.

Our thematic approach provides little overlap with index and other value strategies, offering diversification and uncorrelated returns. Based on a disciplined process, we construct a focused, high-conviction thematic portfolio without the constraints of a benchmark.

Since the beginning of our careers, which started in the 1990’s, we have never compromised on our process, and today, the founding partners have a collective 50 years of thematic asset knowledge and understanding. The team’s ownership of the fund through significant participation in share capital aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Over the past three decades, we have built a proven track-record with an emphasis on preserving capital and generating absolute, uncorrelated returns.

St. Petri L/S Strategy

Our investment philosophy reflects our conviction and experience over the last 30 years.


Thematic investing identifies structural changes, works out the implications of these changes and finally defines operational investment themes.

At St. Petri Capital we typically identify between 10-15 investable themes, which are applicable on both the long and short side.

Our themes help us to identify sectors and companies exposed to structural change.


At St. Petri Capital we strive to have low correlation to broad stock indices. Since inception the fund has had a correlation to European stock markets of 0.23 as well as lower volatility and beta.

The fund provides diversification in a traditional investment portfolio, and over the past three decades, we have built a proven track record with an emphasis on preserving capital and generating absolute, uncorrelated returns.


From our investment themes we stock pick and construct a focused portfolio, typically consisting of 50 carefully selected companies.

We have the flexibility to pursue our best stock ideas across sectors, countries and market capitalization, without being constrained by any benchmark.


Thematic investing goes far beyond trendspotting to identify those transformative forces of change that will permanently alter our lives and behaviors, creating unprecedented opportunities – opportunities and creative destruction that come with a new future shaped by change.


When a structural change impacts a company’s future cash flow and risk, investors need more time to evaluate the new situation; the stock can then be mispriced. Conventional wisdom typically underestimates the implications of these transformations, giving thematic investors opportunities to identify stocks poised to benefit from trends not yet priced properly in the market. Knowing the implicit expectations in the market is key.


Paradigm shifts in expectations have their own dynamics, as large changes in expectations occur as the result of cumulative small stimuli. The key is to try to understand the nonlinear relationship between facts, expectations, and asset prices; focus on inflection points and develop a framework for timing our thematic investments.

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